Metering units for oil companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

AZM Neftemash, of which HMS Neftemash is a founder, has signed a contract for supply of four automated group metering units for Mangistaumunaigas (the Republic of Kazakhstan). Previously, such units had been supplied to the Kalamkas and Zhetybay fields developed by Mangistaumunaigas. Only since the beginning of 2020, AZM Neftemash has concluded contracts for supply of 31 automated group metering units for Kazakhstan oil companies.

Since 2014, AZM Neftemash located in the Republic of Kazakhstan has started the production of automated group metering units according to HMS Neftemash manufacturing procedures considering the equipment operation specifics for the Kazakhstan hydrocarbon fields. All supporting documents for the manufactured products has been brought into compliance with the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company has received all the required permits and certificates in the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Automated group metering units are intended for automated metering of mass flow rates of separated liquid (crude oil) and volumetric flow rate of free gas produced from oil wells, with the following determination of monthly component output for each well. For more details on the metering systems manufactured by the company, please click on the following link: catalogue page link.

HMS Neftemash has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying metering systems to major oil companies. The metering units produced by HMS Neftemash have been successfully operated at the fields of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Serbia and Iran.

HMS Neftemash JSC is one of the leading manufacturers of modular packaged process equipment for oil and gas industry in Russia and the CIS countries. The company was founded in 1965. Since 2005, it is a part of HMS Group JSC, machine building holding.

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