1965 –1990

At the beginning of the 1960-s Western Siberia became a large oil and gas exploration and production center of the country. In 1963 company “Tyumenneftegas” was opened in Tyumen to organize works on industrial development of the discovered oil fields. Further development of the West-Siberian complex required foundation of enterprises producing non-standard equipment and technological repairs.


The stamping plant which was at that time manufacturing various consumer goods, received the first order from “Tyumenneftegas” to manufacture tanks for oil and lubricants. The task was performed on time and of high quality. Having appreciated that, “Tyumenneftegas” suggested transferring of the plant to the developing oil and gas industry.

Soon in accordance with the Resolution of the Sredne-Uralskiy Council of National Economy and the Order of “Tyumenneftegas” the stamping plant of the Ministry of Regional Industry of The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was transferred to the subject of the Ministry of Oil Industry and received a new name “Machinery and repair plant of “Tyumenneftegas”. At that moment a new page in the history of the plant began: – January 5, 1965 a new enterprise in the field of oil and gas machine building in Western Siberia emerged.

The employees of the plant picked up the tempo set by the oil workers. In the first years the plant began the release of new products. They were push-on shoes for sledges; furnaces; workbenches; hoisting jacks; fire-fighting equipment; fuel and oil tanks; ramp barges, dry-cargo barges; pontoons; attachments to bulldozers; drying boxes; prefabricated blocks; drilling rig foundations, pumping stations etc. 1969 was the year when measuring units such as “Sputnik” entered serial production.

The factory was enlarged and newly equipped. In 1969 a new administrative building was launched. A new welding-assembling workshop of 75,000 sq. m. began working in 1970. This let, already in the first half of 1970, start production of modular booster pumping stations with a daily capacity of 2,000-5,000 cubic meters; in the second half of the year pumping stations with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters appeared. Manufacturing of group pumping stations with double entry booster pumps 8NDV and centrifugal pumps TsNS 150х100…1900 and TsNS 300х300, floating pumping stations, pumping blocks of the second elevation pumping stations, compressor stations began. In 1975 production of pontoon, floating group pumping stations was launched.

Putting into operation of a new workshop defined the structure of the main production:

  • metal structures fabrication workshop (main);
  • machining section;
  • instrumental-experimental section.
  • For the first 13 years of operation as part of “Glavtyumenneftegas” system the gross production volume increased tenfold!


1990 – 2004

At the beginning of the 1990-s the factory experienced some organizational changes. On the grounds of Resolution №844 of the Head of the Administration of Kalininskiy district of Tyumen city, 13 August 1993 the factory “Neftemash” was transformed into a daughter open joint-stock company “Neftemash” (DOJSC “Neftemash”). 21 May 1998 on the grounds of the resolution of the general meeting of the DOJSC “Neftemash”, the enterprise was renamed an open joint-stock company “Neftemash” (OAO “Neftemash”).

At the beginning of the transfer to the market economy the number of the factory employees decreased by 25%. Product demand fell and it was necessary to master new types of equipment which would be able to find their new customers. At that economically unstable period about thirty new products were developed:

  • A range of pumping stations for various applications: condensate pumping module; modular group pumping station with TsNS 63-1400 and TsNS 63-1800 pumps; modular pumping station on plunger-type pumps for purification of fresh water from mechanical impurities and its supply to the pressure control system; piping skids for water wells; pumping stations above artesian wells; pumping stations for sanitary and firefighting applications; automatic fire fighting foam system; modular pneumatic pumping stations; pumping stations for automatic water firefighting systems Q = 500 cubic m. \hour.
  • Chemical dosing systems.
  • Work on modernization of “Sputnik” type systems and units with principally new measuring methods: automated group measure unit for gas measuring in oil AGZU “АМ 25-8-1500” for gascap expansion method (the units are made with anticorrosion pipe coatings and multi-stream switching manifold); 9712 – AGZU «АМ 40-8-400» with anticorrosion pipe coatings and multi-stream switching manifold); 337 – AGZU «Sputnik-М» with hydrostatic measuring method which allows to perform measuring of three phases – fluid, gas, oil (water).
  • Work on improvement of the equipment for hydraulically driven method of oil production.
  • Production of control rooms, control cabinets and low voltage packaged transformer substations.
  • Production of modules for various applications: fluid purification module for killing the well; modular electric boilers 250-0,6.

In 1998 the Tyumen Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded the factory a certificate “Pride of the Trademark” for taking an active part in the promotion of market reforms. With Resolution 914, 30 March 1998, the Head of Tyumen S.M. Kirichuk commended the factory director for professionalism, enthusiasm and wisdom which allowed keeping and developing the enterprise and creating new workplaces at that difficult time.

In January 2000 the Head of the Government of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin awarded the workers of the OAO “Neftemash” a commendation for efficient work and replenishing the country’s treasury.


2004 – till present time

1 December 2005, according to the resolution of the general meeting of the shareholders, the full powers of the chief executive body (Managing Director) of “OAO Neftemash” were transferred to the Managing Company “Group Hydraulic Machines and Systems”. Thus, “OAO Neftemash” became part of the Investing and Industrial Group (IIG) “Hydraulic Machines and Systems”. In September 2008 “OOO Investing and Industrial Group (Hydraulic Machines and Systems)” was reorganized into an open joint-stock company “HMS Group”.

In 2010 “OOO Managing Company “Hydraulic Machines and Systems” was renamed as “OOO Managing Company “HMS Group”; the enterprise “OAO NEFTEMASH” was renamed as “OAO HMS NEFTEMASH”.

In the last decade the general range of the manufactured products exceeded 90 types; each item is manufactured to the needs of the customer, technical conditions of the extracted medium and climatic conditions on the site.

A new for the Russian machine building industry modular technological unit of the “supermodule” type began to be manufactured. They are delivered in maximum factory assembly. Such methods of production let increase reliability of the erected object and minimize welding works on the site which significantly shortens construction terms. Supermodules are equipped with various kinds of equipment depending on the customer’s needs.

While delivering the equipment, a complex approach is employed including supervised hook-up and commissioning, personnel training, and warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Modern laboratory equipment and control and measuring units are employed. Complex in-house testing of the manufactured products is mandatory. The automated system of design and production control is in operation.

Exceptional achievements of the “OAO HMS Neftemash” have been many times awarded with different prizes and diplomas on the regional, all-Russian and international levels.